Welcome to the
DQE Universe

Enter the spectacular world of children's entertainment where we bring to you a plethora of fantastic original TV shows that are airing on major networks around the world. DQE has two decades of experience in servicing global brands of international producers, partnering as a co-producer on major entertainment brands and also on producing its own intellectual properties that have reached over 140 countries worldwide.

To serve, To Partner and to create is our Forté



3D Asset Creation

We have one of the largest and most talented teams of asset development professionals, capable of executing high-end pipelines for CGI Asset creation; suitable for Animated TV series, CGI Feature Films & High-End Games. DQE boasts of industry-recognized professionals who are the heroes behind the scenes, empowering our animators with the latest and robust character setups that can breathe life into animated characters. DQE also specializes in high end hyper-realistic texturing techniques with latest tools like Surface.


CGI Animation

DQE has a huge talent pool of specialized professionals in 2D traditional animation and high-end 3D CGI Animation catering to world-class motion Pictures, TV Series, Games, and other OTT & Digital Platforms.


Shading, Rendering & Composition

We follow the most advanced technology for Lighting, Shading & Rendering some of which include Maya, Guerrilla & V Ray. We also specialize in GPU-based Shading & Rendering technology for Hyper-Realistic Imagery Creation, along with Redshift software. Our Compositors are fully seasoned professionals capable of creating flawless imagery using high-end tools like Nuke etc.



DQE specializes in creating highly optimized 3D Assets for high-end Games and Game Cinematics



With our cutting edge technical and creative expertise, DQE is known for implementing the most advanced technical pipelines for creating industry leading visual effects for motion pictures, high-end television series and Digital platforms.



DQE has an exclusive team that has worked extensively on rotomation projects, some of which include major Hollywood films as well as some regional Indian movies. We are proud to be known for having the fastest turn-around time with least number of retakes. We get it right the first time!