Distribution, Licensing & Merchandising

Taking DQE to the World

Our Distribution and Licensing efforts have proven to be successful on a global scale and have created long-term and sustained value for DQE by forging new partnerships and syndication across various markets, platforms and product categories like international Home Video distribution, Publishing, Digital Distribution, and Merchandising. DQE has a library of over 120 hours of iconic global properties through its IP development and co-productions. This division has concluded several global and regional deals for in-door and out-door toys, plush toys, games, publications, home video and many categories under the umbrella of Licensing & Distribution.


Distribution, Licensing
& Merchandising

We at DQE have a strong Licensing and Distribution presence across the world, with foot prints in over 120 countries, for the audio-video distribution of our global properties. We have forged strong ties and associations with leading broadcasters, digital platforms and theatrical distributors in Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East. In the ever-evolving digital eco-system DQE has stayed abreast with the need of the hour, by making its presence felt online on Distribution platforms like Youtube, Amazon, Netflix and other OTT platforms. DQE’s iconic brands have been backed by Strong master Toy partnerships and have licensed several categories ranging from Publishing, toys, figurines, playsets, and range of consumer products with over 500 plus other categories closely networked within more than 100 licensees, worldwide.

Iron Man Armored Adventures

Charlie Chaplin

Casper - Scare School

The Little Prince