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Enter the spectacular world of children's entertainment where we bring to you a plethora of fantastic original TV shows that are airing on major networks around the world. DQE has two decades of experience in servicing global brands of international producers, partnering as a co-producer on major entertainment brands and also on producing its own intellectual properties that have reached over 140 countries worldwide.

To serve, To Partner and to create is our forte!


Mickey Mouse Club House
Puppy Dog Pals
Miraculous Ladybug
Penguins of Madagascar
Power Players
Mickey Mouse Roadster Racer
Miles From Tommorowland
Doc McStuffins
The Jungle Book
The New Adventures of Peter Pan
Robinhood - Mischief in Sherwood
The Psammy Show
The Jungle Book Safari
Zak Storm Super Pirate
Sheriff Callie's Wild West
Super 4
Seven Dwarfs and Me
Fanboy and Chum Chum
Fantastic Four
Pinky and Perky
Tak and the Power of Juju
The Prodigies
Shaabiat al Cartoon
The Hive
Barbie Dairies
Bro Town
Curious George

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DQ Entertainment has been a pioneer of the Indian Animation industry over the last two decades. With amongst the largest animation production capacity for Television, Feature Films, Home Video, Online Game Art, Visual Effects, mobile and next generation console games,we have established ourselves as a trusted Animation Service Partner, Producer, Distributor and Licensor of iconic Global Animated Brands. With an in-house skill set of over 1000 production associates, DQE can be considered as one of the largest animated-content production houses in the world today.